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A geospatial management and analysis platform

astradal offers a platform of spatial and modular applications that meets the needs of city management players as well as GIS professionals. astradal thus offers a wide range of software solutions on the web, equipped with spatial functions emphasizing the integration of geographical data, their processing, their visualization and their exploitation. Thanks to these solutions based on geospatial functionalities and astradal’s cartographic technology, companies can thus better exploit their data and analyze them, up to being part of a predictive approach (observation of weak signals, detection of trends) .

The value given to the data by this technology is only made possible thanks to the astradal cartographic engine and its algorithm which allows the compression without loss of data and the visualization of a very large number of points in record time. Through its technical specifications, this engine addresses challenges well beyond the traditional fields of GIS and aims to meet the needs generated by the acceleration of smart city services, also with a strong dimension of interoperability: big data, cloud and speed of exchanges offered by the bouquet of astradal applications (cards for professions serving city management).

astradal business solutions and applications

The digital revolution has led to another revolution: that of the massification of data. Based on the explosion of social networks and web browsing, this trend will find new impetus in the exponential development of connected objects (autonomous cars… and lighting points, pipes, electricity networks, roads, etc. .) and more generally through the strengthening of the Smart City.

From this series of revolutions, questions arise around the exploitation of these data and in particular their visualization. Until today, the expression of this data was done through dashboards allowing to display series of calculations, graphs of results. Now, as localization becomes the queen of data, there is also an acute question of the management and visualization of mappable data… through applications.

At astradal, the card has established itself as the heart of astradal applications serving trades and industries:

  • the acceleration of renewable energy projects and the “smartization” of networks are reinforced thanks to spatial analyses,
  • la distribution d’eau, la collecte des eaux usées ou l’acheminement des eaux pluviales, sont tout autant de réseaux que les performances cartographiques permettent de monitorer,
  • the distribution of water, the collection of waste water or the routing of rainwater, are just as many networks that the cartographic performance makes it possible to monitor,
  • the Internet of Things represents a challenge and an opportunity for city stakeholders, in order to reduce costs in areas such as waste management or lighting,
  • spatial data accelerates decision-making by public actors to solve pressing environmental and land issues,
  • the optimization of infrastructures is positioned as the key to the future of mobility,
  • connected objects bring a new dimension of geographical intelligence to the management of equipment and infrastructures,
  • real-time visualization facilitates field operations, in real time, on public facilities and private assets,
  • spatial data enriches knowledge of real estate markets and facilitates asset management.

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Astradal maps at the service of geographic intelligence

“Thick client”, our pro maps, accessible from a desktop, or even “thin client”, our light maps, accessible from a smartphone or tablet, are all environments that allow the display of our customers’ data and the processing of their data.

From nomadic technology, solution adapted to the terrain with ideal GPS location for centralized observation in real time, to the complete GIS solution for consultation, printing, construction, display, etc. thanks to a tiled display of vector and raster data, astradal offers its customers an innovative experience in the field of cartographic intelligence.

Otherwise called “location intelligence” in the Anglo-Saxon world, this approach is a cartographic visualization solution embedding a fully configurable topological construction (symbologies, attributes, links) at the service of the transformation of the actors of the city.