Discover the DNA of astradal

For a new cartography of territories and their infrastructures

The Internet is shaking up the city and digital is transforming territories. Now, how to map them?

Equipment, infrastructure, amenities: nothing that constitutes the city and the territories can escape the inflation of information, the inflation of data.

But if data accumulates, partly under the action of new (connected) objects and innovative tools (such as satellites ), these data also show the reality of space in its complexity and make its management all his interest.

In this new era full of challenges, the map thus becomes the object that unites the data, the solution that organizes them and the instrument that simplifies their use in a totally full-web environment.

Mapping your data has never allowed you to better understand it. It is all the space science that we put at the service of the knowledge of your environment and territories .


Monitor, follow and control in real time the data of the territory to reinforce its knowledge

To plan

Analyze the data to plan interventions on the equipment and infrastructures of the territory


Master the functioning of the territory and its infrastructures to make the relevant decisions


Organize data and structure it to allow mobility in the field

Comprehensive tools for your analyzes and decisions

astradal, a panel of cartographic applications and decision support tools

Store data, enrich it to build maps: astradal transforms your data to monitor your equipment, solve problems, analyze trends and share them.

Accessing the astradal platform means entering a technological environment dedicated to strategic geodecision and offering applications that provide users with experiences perfectly suited to their needs.

Thus, astradal has structured a ready-to-use content platform for daily use. This complete offer is aimed at all areas of land and city management: water, smart grid, energy distribution, roads, mobility, infrastructure, land and connected agriculture.

From integration to analysis and data visualization, astradal offers a complete and multi-business experience to discover the potential of your data from the cloud .

A set of web applications for a variety of actors and customers

astradal, a universe of web applications dedicated to local authorities as well as to private actors of territory management

astradal responds to all players who massively use spatial data and demonstrate a strong need for visualization. Each type of industry and each level of local authority are now concerned by these geographical fields of application.

The inflation of geodata is accelerating this phenomenon and making it essential to master this area of knowledge: the 25% growth of connected objects (IoT) per year offers a volume of data so large that it improves the accuracy of the processes of decision.

Lighting networks, water distribution, smart grids, public transport, mobility, energy management, connected agriculture, ports and airports, urban planning…: all areas of a territory are concerned and are now investing in spatial analyzes with a strong movement of private actors who are joining public actors who have hitherto been at the forefront of these resources.

Private actors now consider, in the same way as local authorities, the interest of geographic tools as a sustainable alternative for the management of assets and infrastructures thanks to their functionality, their flexibility and their adaptability both existing systems and the latest equipment.

astradal in an ecosystem of partners

Collaborative and innovative projects

astradal sees itself as a young innovative company evolving in a broader movement that brings together startups, ETIs, key accounts, decision-makers and also investors or local authorities.

Thought of as a whole, astradal has therefore chosen to invest in competitiveness clusters that bring together companies of all sizes, research players and training establishments in order to develop synergies and cooperation around sectors of specific activity.

In the case of its commitment, competitiveness clusters have been selected. astradal has thus approached Tenerrdis in order to strengthen its know-how and its partnerships in the field of energy distribution and Mov’éo to deepen its experience in mobility.

astradal is also involved with Systématic to work with partners on the management of territories and connected objects, with Aqua-Valley for all issues related to water, irrigation and sanitation and finally with the Avenia cluster to deal with geoscience and land issues.

As an innovative player, astradal is also a member of French Tech Toulouse as well as French Proptech.