Safety & security

Safety and security are all about mapping

Safety and security often boil down to a knowledge of the terrain and a cartographic analysis enabling protection or prevention plans to be put in place to deal with vulnerabilities.

For local authorities and businesses alike, networks, buildings, facilities and installations are, by their very nature, points of entry that can be vulnerable.

    • It must be adapted to the area concerned and be educational (illustrations, checklists of good practice, simplified maps with landmarks, etc.).
    • Remind people of the risks to which they are exposed, and the need for everyone to take responsibility for their own safety.
    • Defines each risk briefly and locally.
    • Use maps to measure safety issues.

ASTRADAL’s safety and security offer

It takes place in several stages:

1/ an audit to identify past and present heritage damage (damage to public property, vandalism, theft of materials, intrusion into public or private buildings, etc.), to identify the causes of this vulnerability (easy access, lack of security, malicious intent, etc.) and to list the possible solutions for dealing with them.

  • Astradal offers an interactive platform for collecting and processing data from its customers
  • Astradal has the means and techniques to collect data on site to ensure their security
  • Astradal has the technical and cartographic capacity to provide “tailor-made” services according to the needs expressed and the applicable regulations.


2/ whatever the country, draw up a map of the sites concerned, highlighting what needs to be preserved and the entry or access points that need to be secured.

3/ make equipment available for 24/7 remote surveillance for periods corresponding to the needs expressed.

  • Our autonomous, mobile and connected surveillance systems are based on effective meshing of the area to be monitored, combining deterrence, detection, video surveillance and alert equipment based on the latest innovations.
  • Our mobile video surveillance towers, equipped with a tracking system and image analysis, are autonomous and connected, recording and alerting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • They are equipped with autonomous 360° cameras and deterrent elements to signal to intruders that their presence has beeń detected.
  • Our equipment is capable of continuously monitoring installations in 24-hour TAPE mode,
  • Process images remotely in the event of a break-in



Astradal’s global offer therefore enables public operators and private players alike to acquire tools to ensure optimised management of the security of their infrastructures and assets, and to develop consultancy and training services to ensure the sustainability of this optimisation approach.

Astradal offers a global solution using all the technological resources and possibilities of AI, which makes it possible to cover an unlimited geographical area (municipalities, departments, regions, business parks, etc.), to secure the applicable regulations, to be part of a current sustainable development approach and to anticipate responses to future societal challenges in terms of safety.